Hello and welcome!

I am Georgine, a UK Registered Nutritionist who has been studying and working in food and nutrition education for around 15 years. My family goes by my Chinese birth name ‘Chikchi (植芝)’ – it literally means ‘botanical/nurture’ 「植」 and ‘Lingzhi’「芝」which is a precious Chinese plant with traditional medicinal properties. They must have foreseen my future career in the world of food and health!

Having an MSc in Public Health Nutrition, I am trained in evidence-based practice, and enjoy translating and unpacking complex messages about food and nutrition. But after all, food is social and cultural. So I also help people understand how nutritional messages are applied within the context of eating in real life.

Most recently, I have appeared on Channel 4’s How to Lose Weight Well, and have spoken on BBC Merseyside and Radio Television Hong Kong. I am also the nutrition columnist for Back to School magazine which features nutrition tips and recipes to try out with little ones, tried and tested with my own 4 year-old.

Having worked in the charitable and higher education sectors, I am currently a freelance food and nutrition consultant who writes educational materials, runs food and nutrition workshops and practicals, and helps with recipe analysis to meet guidelines on reformulation. I am also a part-time PhD researcher at the Institute for Global Health at University College London where I study the food practices of new Chinese mothers.

If you are interested in what I have worked on, visit my Linkedin page or take a look at my CV.

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