Hello and welcome!

I am Georgine, a UK Registered Nutritionist who has been studying and working in food and nutrition education for nearly 20 years. My family goes by my Chinese birth name ‘Chikchi (植芝)’

Having worked in the charitable and higher education sectors, I am currently a freelance food and nutrition consultant who does project and teaching work. This involves different things such as designing menus, writing recipes and communicating nutrition messages. 

After all, food is social and cultural. So I see my main role in practice to help people understand how nutritional messages are applied within the context of eating in real life.

I am also a part-time PhD researcher at the Institute for Global Health at University College London where I study the food practices of new Chinese mothers.

Most recently, I have appeared on BBC2’s Victoria Derbyshire show and Channel 4’s How to Lose Weight Well, and have spoken on BBC Merseyside and Radio Television Hong Kong.

I cook a lot and enjoy sharing meals with friends and family. 

If you are interested in what I have worked on, visit my Linkedin page or take a look at my CV. I regularly put some recent work on my portfolio page.

Do get in touch to say hello!