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Nesting Posted on 4 August, 2013

Everyone enjoys a bit of time off but with maternity it’s with a different purpose. It’s only been the first week and I already feel the body has been changing prepping for the birth – the hot weather has made nesting rather unpleasant so I have been trying to take my mind off with various sorts of small projects, such as putting together our wedding photo album, which has been on my list for some time.


We have been on the NCT antenatal class the past two weeks and I just had my last women only session last Friday. It is the alternative to those run by the NHS, and although comes with a fee, we got to meet people around the area which has been the most useful element of the course. Louise, our course leader, has been amazing going through aspects of labour and childbirth with us, methods of relaxation, expectations of early life and simply thoughts on bringing up a child. With only a fortnight to go till I’m due, it’s certainly daunting to even only think about the whole process, but it’s been done by women throughout the centuries and hey, I should be able to do it too.

With the baby’s head now properly engaged, basically sitting right at the pelvis, walking has become more like waddling, and the extra weight has created much swelling in my lower limbs. It’s just amazing to think the body has been working so hard the last nine months to nurture a growing baby, and has been carrying two hearts in one.