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Ingrid’s first birthday

Ingrid’s first birthday Posted on 5 May, 2020Leave a comment

A first birthday unexpectedly spent in lockdown London, meant we had to cancel our pub party but a quiet one with a couple of Zoom and Facetime calls with friends and family.

I remember that it was a big deal celebrating Audrey’s first milestone. We had a party at the cafĂ© by the river. After all, a child’s birthday is also a special day for the family as it also marks our “birth-sery” as parents too?

We had some rhubarb chunks that we bought two weeks back at our last shop at Sainsbury’s… literally the last fruit left in the whole aisle. I wasn’t in the mood for baking a massive cake, and was just after something light for us to share as a family of four.

So being inspired by the upside down cake by food photographer Uyen Luu, I made this easy rhubarb cake after cutting the brown and wet tips:

We did a couple of Happy Birthday songs and baby Ingrid enjoyed with her more than fair share of gelato!

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