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Lockdown bin situation

Lockdown bin situation Posted on 15 May, 2020Leave a comment

For a long time, I wondered what ‘fly tipping’ meant being all plastered on the walls in the carpark at our local Sainsbury’s. Now I know it is the ‘illegal deposit of any waste onto land that does not have a licence to accept it’ ( This mindless dumping of domestic waste is already an established issue so when ‘lockdown’ began, it became an even more serious problem when local collection points and bin collectors reduce their working hours.

We no longer have a car, so for us our local refuse point is the shared bin room on the ground floor. For years, mini fly tipping incidents have happened many times as tenants come and go. We have seen sofas, mattresses but the most common item is unbroken down paper boxes which lie on the floor – even when the bins provided are not full.

This is one of those annoyances of the supply chain which often get overlooked. With online shopping and all sorts of delivery becoming the norm these days, it only works when we do our part to dispose of our waste, and packaging, responsibly.

A couple of weeks ago the bin room floor became so littered with these boxes which made me put a sign up. This might be useful for all those who encounter similar problems:

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