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The language on food

The language on food Posted on 13 January, 2022Leave a comment

Contextualising the understanding of food is of immense importance, and language and translation plays a critical part. As a bilingual practitioner, the problem for me is always how I could mitigate ‘loss in translation’, but if we don’t have the language for food, how could we ever understand it properly?

In November, I was interviewed by Helen Wang at Chinese Books for Young Readers about how the language of food matters in the work that I do. Having trained in nutrition science and further in the humanities of food, I would argue science is itself a language, a way of thinking, but it does not encapsulate the totality of the way we eat. This is why there needs to be more interdisciplinary work in nutrition to contextualise the meaning of food and eating to different audiences.

Read more about my interview, via this link below:

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