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A waiting game

A waiting game Posted on 9 August, 2013

To C or not to C, that is the question.

The last few weeks of pregnancy is often a waiting game as only 5% of babies arrive on their due date of 40 weeks and most first time babies come during the week after. Despite this, babies from 37 weeks are considered full term, and our little one can come at any time now. I have put on 3 stones so hopefully it will be a decent birth weight!

A common question I am often presented with is the method of delivery. Coming from Hong Kong where C-section is king and being born via one myself, I have always thought that it was the way to be, only until recent years. There are many reasons why people opt for a C-section, either they are ‘too posh to push’ or more often than not, it is due to the baby’s breeched (wrong position) or not engaged (down in the pelvic area), having a big baby, or if the mother has a higher risk of certain health problems, e.g. being overweight or having high blood pressure. C-section itself is considered to be a birth complication, as it is an invasive surgical procedure which cuts through layers of tissue through the lower abdomen and is associated with poorer lung function and higher risks of allergies in early life. Going through the birth canal exposes the baby to the mother’s microflora (bacterial population) which is beneficial to building the baby’s immunity. It can also push the amniotic fluid out of the baby’s respiratory system to minimise blockages. Not to mention a quicker recovery for the mother and a lower infection rate.

It is a real test of patience with less than a fortnight to go till our due date. There are some recommendations here on how to induce labour, but I believe the baby will arrive when it is ready, and this has to be soon.

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