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Snip-snip couscous

Snip-snip couscous Posted on 12 October, 2016

The time has come to make Audrey’s first packed lunch at pre-school this week. As only cold options are allowed at the nursery, and since growing up I’ve always had a hot lunch at school, I find it rather unpleasant to have sandwiches on a chilly autumn’s day. The choices are then very limited. In the end, I decided to make a small couscous dish. As Audrey loves rice and so, the grainy texture of couscous may work as a nice packed lunch alternative.

Couscous is a relatively new addition to my food dictionary – only existed since I moved to the UK which I have subsequently fallen in love with. Not only it’s a good cupboard item which is economical and quick to prepare, there are endless combinations you can do with it, hot or cold. Here’s what I prepared for Audrey – a snip-snip couscous!

Use: img_8269

30g dried couscous

50ml hot water

3-4 dried apricot

1/4 red pepper

1/4 spring onion

1/5 cucumber, cut in sticks

1/2 slice ham


Place the couscous in a bowl and cover with hot water, stir well. Using kitchen scissors, snip the apricots, pepper, spring onion, cucumber and ham into small pieces. Once couscous is ready, add all fruit and veg into bowl, mix well.


2 small portions. Add a twist of pepper for that extra kick!


Per 100g: Energy 116kcal 475kJ | Fat 0.9g of which saturates 0.2g | Carbohydrate 19.1g of which sugars 8g | Fibre 5.2g | Protein 4.8g | Salt 0.2g

Per serving (90g):  Energy 104kcal 428kJ | Fat 0.8g of which saturates 0.1g | Carbohydrate 17.2g of which sugars 7.2g | Fibre 4.7g | Protein 4.3g | Salt 0.2g