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Working with The New Luncher

Working with The New Luncher Posted on 18 July, 2019Leave a comment

I am really pleased to announce a new collaboration with The New Luncher PTE, based in Hong Kong and Singapore. As Head of Nutrition for this growing business, I oversee all food initiatives and design delicious and healthy recipes with the development team, to cater to early years settings and primary and secondary schools in Hong Kong and Singapore.

Our ethos is to build and nurture in young people, a healthy relationship with food, through understanding where food comes from, cooking and aspects on eating well. I wrote this for the summer newsletter:

Hello, I am Georgine Leung, Head of Nutrition at The New Luncher.

Food has always been a big part of my life. Growing up, my earliest and fondest memories came from the family table where food is shared as an expression of love. As a child, I loved observing how my grandmother cooked in the kitchen – and all those beautiful aromas coming from her wok.

Later on in school, my favourite subjects were biology and the weekly home economics classes. These interests laid a foundation for my subject choice in university to study food and nutrition.

Fast forward nearly twenty years on, with a career in nutrition education spanning from Hong Kong to mostly in the UK, and now as a mother of two, I have found that the biggest challenge yet in choosing better diets remains to be the lack of available healthy options which are readily accessible.

A lot of fellow parents have told me how difficult they found when it comes to making sure their little ones ate well. They simply don’t have the time, and the skills, to prepare something different, healthy and interesting every day. Some of the nutrition messages out there can also be quite confusing.

After all, food is about meeting biological needs but is also cultural and social. The way we see food should be a source of nourishment, instead of guilt.

This is why I was so happy when I came across The New Luncher. We share the same ethos that Food is education. It is in this holistic approach and partnership that we deliver our vision with schools and parents. My work involves many things, from designing the monthly menu with our talented chefs, creating and analysing recipes, to writing nutrition articles which will shortly be available on our new website. In the upcoming months, we will be putting together recipe videos so that you too, can have a go at making our delicious recipes at home.

As this school year comes to an end, I wanted to thank you for your support and sharing our vision, and hope to meet many of you soon.

Have a lovely, relaxing summer break,

Georgine Leung
RNutr (Public Health), FHEA, MA, MSc, BSc (Hons.)
Taken with Ingrid at the videoshooting for The New Luncher

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