Braised chicken wings and potatoes

薯仔炆雞翼。Who can resist this dish? Packed with sweet, savoury and umami flavours from caramelised onions and carrots, accompanied with a mixture of textures from the chicken meat and mushed up…

Seaweed, beans and pork mince

“I smell rice!” was the first thing Audrey said as she stepped into our home after nursery today. Indeed, I had just put some fragrant jasmine rice into the microwave…

Back to School Magazine

I recently started a Nutrition column with a magazine called ‘Back to School‘ which parents guide on getting the best out of primary school. I  am very pleased to share my first…

Losing weight with konjac

New Year, New You. The turning of the New Year offers many to set their resolutions, personal challenges and self-improvement, and a lot of them relates to being fitter and healthier….

Man with a Pan

Last Wednesday, I had the pleasure to lead the nutrition session for Man with a Pan at St Mary’s University, a community-based healthy eating and cooking course with Age UK Richmond….