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The future of food education

The future of food education Posted on 9 March, 2022Leave a comment

No one doubts the value of education, but when it comes to food, what is it and how best to teach it? As a nutritionist, I have long practised ‘preaching’ about food with a health angle, and what this means very much is thinking about food in its building blocks – nutrients. But of course food is much more, and having worked at Food – a fact of life UK has introduced me the first connections between where food comes from, cooking, food technology and nutrition.

And of course, understanding food in its broadest terms is also very important as key drivers to how we choose what to eat – that has a direct impact on our health. I was recently invited by the British Nutrition Foundation to present a webinar on their education programme Food – a fact of life as part of their series on ‘The Future of Food Education’. The talk comprised of three sections: understanding ‘ethnicity’ and health, trends in world foods, and further discussion points on creating a culturally appropriate healthy eating guide, the Eatwell Guide.

The recording of the webinar:

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